Boxing is a combat sport in which two people engage in a contest of strength, speed, reflexes, endurance, and will, by throwing punches at each other, usually with gloved hands. It utilizes effective footwork, punching, blocking, combinations, slips, and counters, for both defensive and offensive applications.

Through the use of punching drills, footwork, bag work, pad work, and conditioning, Boxing provides a great way to get in shape, stay in shape, lose weight, and build strength, while learning a useful skill for self defense or competition.

At Premier Combat Center, Boxing instruction is available for beginners, advanced, and competitors. Our intro program teaches the correct stance, footwork, punching techniques, and defensive techniques to improve your level of fitness, and to prepare you for self defense situations. The advanced Boxing program continues to develop your understanding of Boxing, with more complex techniques, combinations, and offensive/defensive strategy, while providing you effective tools for self defense and/or competition applications.

Students in advanced Boxing are eligible to participate in Premier Combat Center’s competition program.


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