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Yunus Emre


Yunus Emre

Yunus moved to Nebraska in 2023 from Shanghai, China.  He is the Head BJJ Director for Next Level Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Association at Premier Combat Center.

He was one of the most sought after and popular Jiu-jitsu coaches in China, due to his competition background, social media presence and other personal achievements.

Yunus Emre is the first fully raised in China athlete to win a world championship event (Abu Dhabi World Pro), and he also participated in the first televised Jiu-jitsu competition in China (CKF). He also had the privilege to multiple times appear on TV, magazines or work with celebrities in China.

He is widely known for being very active in sports community, mainly for his constant social media popularity in multiple platforms, regular participations in sports events and teaching seminars all around China.

Yunus Emre often coaches other coaches or competitors of Jiu-Jitsu, but also a very efficient teacher for beginners and advanced students. His kids classes are also very popular for his disciplined but fun attitude and his emphasis on martial arts attitude. His teaching style is recognized as inclusive, open to interactions and geared towards understanding jiu-jitsu further through concepts, strategies and mental part of the game as well, going beyond techniques only.

Originally starting from an engineering background, he has now dedicated his life fully to jiu-jitsu, hoping to contribute to community and raising the successful people of the future.

Some of his competition highlights include:

– AbuDhabi World Pro Champion (Brown Belt, Master1)

– 2 x IBJJF Asian Open Champion (Black & Brown Belt, Master1)

– 2 x IBJJF Asian Open Bronze Medal

(Brown & Black Belt, Master1)

– Multiple times GCJJF Brown Belt Weight & Open Weight Champion

– ASJJF Asian Open Brown Belt Weight & Open Weight Champion

– GROLL Black & Brown Belt 85 kg Champion

– CKF Black & Brown Belt Champion

– Abu Dhabi Trials Hong Kong Brown & Black Belt 85 kg Champion

– Abu Dhabi Trials China Brown & Black Belt 85 kg & Open Weight Champion

– Multiple Championships and Medals across Asia: (Taiwan, Philippines, Korea, Hong Kong)’